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ProcessDatabase.org gives you access to a large database of information on various Windows processes and analysis of malwares, Trojans, adware, spyware and viruses, based on common knowledge and research done online.

Many times as we use the computer there could be as many as twenty to thirty unwanted processes running in the background. These processes are not visible in the task manager and run silently, which is why it becomes really difficult to find what’s causing the computer to run slow or freeze. Apart from making the computer run slow, these unwanted processes could also be capable of passing your personal information to hackers and in some cases would allow hackers to directly access the files in your computer.

You will be able to access our database of windows processes by simply clicking the characters given below. If you know the exact name of the process you would like to look up, you may use the search box.

A word of caution: this website should not be treated as a professional source. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information we present for each process, and thus you assume all responsibility by relying on any such information. we thoroughly advise that if you have doubts - consult with a professional or run a spyware/antivirus software to do the verification for you.

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Fix Process Errors

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